How it works

Providing Garden Design Solutions for your individual requirements and lifestyle from concept to construction

Rachel Hartley offers a range of services for all or part of your garden from smaller projects such as helping with a planting scheme to producing a completely new design.

Free consultation

Rachel would talk through the design process, show you her portfolio of work, take a look at your garden and then if you are happy to continue, take a design brief from you – including an idea of your budget. It is helpful if you have made a list before the meeting of all the things you love (and loathe!) to see in your garden.

flowersProposal and fees

Rachel would write to you with a proposal for the works to be undertaken (confirming the brief), terms and conditions, and a quotation acceptance form. Design fees depend on location, size and complexity of site, but prices for plans can start from £950 for a small garden.

The survey

Involves taking detailed measurements of the garden and also highlights any existing features and views that may need to be enhanced or hidden. This can take several hours depending on the particular garden and may also need the input of a professional surveyor depending on complexity of the site ( eg size of site, levels, existence of many trees).

slider6Concept drawings

Once the survey is completed, an initial outline plan for the garden can be drawn up. The Concept Drawings are a way of communicating the ideas to the client and may be in the form of a mood board or drawings.

Layout plan

Once the concept plan is approved by the client, the layout plan can be drawn up to the appropriate scale showing the layout of the garden and its features as well as indicating which materials are to be used. Rachel will also include any sketches or drawings needed to help you visualise the finished design.

Planting plans These are separate to the overall layout plans and finalised once the build is underway and can start from £260.

The build

There are a few different approaches to this using the one that best suits you. Most clients are keen to have their garden built for them. Usually this process involves putting the work out to tender to three or more contractors. These may be made up from recommended, reliable landscape contractors as well as firms you may like to put forward. The process would involve briefing the contractors, meeting the contractors on site and answering any queries they may have; then going through submitted proposals together to compare all prices and check on appropriate methods of construction. Project consultation can also be offered through regular site inspections.

Rachel would charge an hourly rate for this service and not an overall percentage of the final cost of the build.

The planting

Once the build is complete and the planting beds are prepared, Rachel Hartley can source and supply the plants as well as planting out the scheme (hourly rate for planting is £30).