Streatham Driveway

Rachel's Gardens

The clients wanted to replace the steps leading to the porch so that they had deeper treads and lower risers so a lot more welcoming and less steep.  They also wanted to extend the parking space so they could fit three cars on this driveway.

There were some challenges, such as a tree on the pavement, which meant the access had to be from one side and two different falls.

They wanted a pathway leading up to the steps and porch and also breaking up the Ceda gravel drive (permeable), so this all had to be built using reinforced steel to take the load of 3 vehicles.  We used bullnosed sawn sandstone steps leading to the porch and continued the path with riven sandstone and also incorporated setts to make it a little more interesting.

We screened the bins with batten strips and put in wires for a star jasmine.